Have you received/installed Fall Creators Update?

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Windows 10 Fall Creators Update phased rollout approach - Windows Experience Blog

You better wait

The company recommends users to wait for the Fall Creators Update to be offered via Windows Update, though there’s no estimate as to how much this wait could last as it all depends on the number of bugs and issues that the company finds in the new OS version.
You might not have been offered the upgrade, because of the software/hardware you have. Like AMD causing black screen during boot.


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Surprisingly what @TairikuOkami said. Microsoft is actually testing with manufacturers that all the drivers are up and running well. Once the OEMs give a thumbs up, Microsoft sends an update your way. Be glad if you didn't. It probably means it would be very broken. IMO, Fall Creators Update feels exactly like Creators Update. You wouldn't be able to tell the difference other than the new options in Settings.


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Also I experience memory leaks when it comes to graphics intensive tasks that cause the GPU drivers to crash and restart. You should really hold off until AMD, Intel and Nvidia release drivers that are truly optimized for 1709. The ones they have right now are not. Absolutely not.


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Well than the only problem which I can think of is that your custom firewall is blocking the windows from updating. Nothing else comes to my head.
That is only for Windows 10 Enterprise and I doubt OP is running that. The FCU has rolled out but it can take longer for others to receive it due to how the updating system works now.
What does FCU stand for?