Apple pulls products from the Russian market due to the war in Ukraine


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Apr 24, 2016
In a dramatic move, Apple has decided to stop selling its products in Russia due to the country’s aggression towards its neighbour, Ukraine. Furthermore, the company has taken action against the RT News and Sputnik News apps by removing them from the App Store outside of Russia. Those two outlets have been accused of spreading propaganda and firms like Google and Microsoft have taken action against them too.

People who go to the Russian version of Apple’s website can still browse products but attempting to buy any of the products will display the following message: "Магазин Apple Store в данный момент закрыт. - The Apple Store is currently closed." The message is shown across all devices so people in the country can not purchase iPhones, Macs, or any other products.
Other actions Apple has taken include disabling traffic and live incidents in Apple Maps in Ukraine to protect citizens, and Apple Pay, among other services, has been restricted in Russia.

If these sanctions on Russia stay in place, it’s likely that Apple’s products and services will dwindle to insignificance in the country alongside other products and services from other companies that have decided to stop operating in Russia. President Putin has previously stated that Russia is now a self-sufficient ‘fortress economy’ and in many tech fields, this is true. There are several Russian-made operating systems, search engines, social networks, and so on, that the country could fall back on.


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Mar 25, 2014
There are several Russian-made operating systems
I have not heard of them. Search engines, social networks and various types of software, yes, but operating systems? Which ones? Versions of Linux?


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Aug 21, 2020
What's the point of Apple's VPN circumventing Russian blocks if they're a bigger threat to their customers than their government? Apple is not a clown, it's a whole circus. Tech and media companies that are in the communication business should never be coerced into taking sides.


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Oct 10, 2014
self righteous virtue signaling. with government economic blockades, apple couldn't sell any phones there anyway. but if a russian wants to buy an app on an existing phone or a song from the itunes store, which is something they could control, they hypocritically take the money. why they feel the need for a media sound bite is beyond me.

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