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Time and again, I try to stress on the fact that I'm a freeware lover. This goes for the apps on my Android phone too.

Until now I used to use freeware apps with ads and block the ads with Blokada. In recent times, I use only ad-free apps on my Android phone. Am listing only Non-Google and Non-Gaming apps here.

Online shopping - Amazon
Music Player - BlackPlayer
To-Do List - Blitz
Dialer - Simpler
E-Mail - Edison
File Manager - FX File Explorer
Browser - Kiwi Browser
Video Streaming - NewPipe (Youtube alternative)
Message Organizer - SMS Organizer
Office Suite - ThinkFree Office Viewer
Cab travel - Uber
Video Player - VLC
Instant Messaging - Telegram


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Here are some of the apps I use.

Cốc Cốc Browser (and Chrome)
A Chromium based with built in ad blocking. I usually use Chrome itself, but I use this one for watching YouTube without ads.

Windscribe VPN

Amazon Music

For playing music local music.

AVG Cleaner
It can clean more junk files than other cleaners. Not that you really need to clean junk, unless your device is running really low on storage space. It has ads unless you buy a subscription. I paid just $1 for for a years subscription to AVG Ultimate, which included this. I was using AVG TuneUp, which I activated with with the recent giveaway license for AVG Internet Security, and I got a popup with an offer to buy a subscription for just $1.

It cleaned 4 or 5GB of junk files when I installed it. But, I think AVG Cleaner may work as well. This one also has ads, unless you buy a subscription.

Norton Clean
Not as good as AVG or Nox. But it's ad free and finds more junk than the majority of cleaners do. Also, it's just a cleaner for junk files. I does not clean the RAM or do any monitoring in the background.

17TRACK All-In-One Package Tracking
It works very well for tracking parcels, which have a tracking number. I've tried a number of package trackers and I prefer this one.

Myibidder Sniper for eBay Pro
An auction sniper for eBay. The free version works well too and doesn't have ads.


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