App Review ArcaBit Internet Security 2023

It is advised to take all reviews with a grain of salt. In extreme cases some reviews use dramatization for entertainment purposes.
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Sep 2, 2021
ArcaBit is a Polish software and runs on the Bitdefender engine.
The particularity of this software is that it does not display Bitdefender's definitions! The company renames the detections...
It also uses proactive solutions such as Roundkick that block malicious behavior.
Even if ArcaBit did not give a good impression, this changes when I continue the test....

Interface: 9/10

ArcaBit is quite close to a Kaspersky or an Eset in terms of display. It remains sober, knows how to adapt to novice users and to Geeks who like to fiddle with the antivirus as they please.
I also appreciate the fact that it offers several additional tools (which I did not use because they were useless in this test).
Where I was surprised, ArcaBit made a big effort in RAM! It is relatively light and that's a pleasure!
1 point less because the translation during the web blocking was not corrected, I had messages in Polish...

Protection:10/10 Web / Fake crack 1/1 Remains 27 threats on 78 malware / PC Infected after Malware Pack

With Bitdefender, ArcaBit has a good engine.
It has managed to remove several large malware, including 1 Pumped!
But, it returns me a machine also infected of which 1 caused by another pumped malware which contained ClipBanker, a banking Trojan...
At the end of the test of the malware pack, the machine is infected by RATs (which have infected system processes, like Remcos etc) and requires an emergency disinfection.
Roundkick is a good idea but was not very useful....

Result :
ArcaBit : 0
NPE: 12
KVRT : 13 - infection in memory !
ESET : 12 - Infection in memory

Recommand : No
System Clean : No system infected

@Asterixpl request

ForgottenSeer 98186

Roundkick is a good idea but was not very useful....
Roundkick EDR is only useful to someone who knows how to create EDR rules, read the log events, differentiate between safe and malicious events, and know when to respond if the rules do not cover the event.

WIth EDR there is lots of verification work required; you cannot assume that EDR has kept a system safe. The administrator must verify.

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