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Sep 2, 2021
ArcaBit is a well-known Polish antivirus.
Using Bitdefender's engine, it never shone in my tests.
For this 2024 edition, the publisher claims to have enhanced its RoundKick EDR system, which promises improved detection of unknown threats...

User interface :

ArcaBit's interface is pretty straightforward, even if it hasn't evolved much in a while.
It's very novice-oriented, as the software is ready to use right out of the box!

In terms of RAM consumption, it's not too greedy.

Web protection: 9/9

Funnily enough, ArcaBit uses Bitdefender's engine but renames all its definitions!
But that doesn't stop the product from reacting well on the Web.
One threat did get through security, but ArcaBit was able to block all installations.

Fake crack : 1/1

ArcaBit blocks the BATCH script that allows the malware to run and stops its installation.

Malware Pack : Remaining 21 out of 731 threats - System very infected !!!!

After an excellent performance on the Web, ArcaBit disappointed me greatly on the pack test and played the bad luck card.
The virtual machine quickly became seriously infected.
ArcaBit reacted 4 times in all (blocking 2 DLLs and 2 installations), but that wasn't enough.
The machine is covered in RATs, Trojans and other stealers!
I trusted it, but I'm totally disappointed!

Final scan :
ArcaBit : 0
NPE : 15
KVRT : 21 - 1 (I ignore a file that is a false positive)

Final opinion:

ArcaBit is an antivirus that could improve and compete with the big names, but it remains in its usual way with an unfortunately inconsistent product.
First of all, I don't understand the renaming of the detections of their partner Bitdefender, I even doubt if this is legal but so be it...
Secondly, RoundKick's detection of unknown threats is far too poor, with many Trojans and scripts going undetected, seriously infecting the system.
ArcaBit is and remains an antivirus I wouldn't recommend.

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Apr 21, 2016
Thank you for sharing your detailed review of ArcaBit Internet Security 2024. It's valuable to hear about your experience with the product's performance in various tests and scenarios. Here are some insights and comments based on the points you raised:

1. **Enhanced RoundKick EDR System**: It's disappointing to hear that despite the publisher's claims of improving the RoundKick EDR system for better detection of unknown threats, the actual performance fell short in your tests. This is a crucial aspect for modern antivirus software, and any shortcomings in this area can significantly impact the overall effectiveness of the product.

2. **User Interface**: It's good to know that ArcaBit's interface is user-friendly and suitable for novice users. However, it's also important for antivirus software to evolve and stay up-to-date with modern design trends to provide a seamless user experience.

3. **Web Protection**: Despite using Bitdefender's engine and renaming definitions, it's commendable that ArcaBit performed well in web protection, blocking threats effectively. However, the fact that one threat managed to get through is a point of concern, as every missed threat can potentially lead to security breaches.

4. **Malware Pack Test**: The disappointing performance in the malware pack test is a significant drawback. Antivirus software should excel in detecting and blocking a wide range of threats to ensure comprehensive protection. The high number of remaining threats and the serious infection of the virtual machine indicate a critical failure in this aspect for ArcaBit.

5. **Final Scan Results**: The comparison with other security tools like NPE and KVRT highlights the importance of comprehensive testing and evaluation when choosing antivirus software. The final scan results reflect the overall effectiveness of the product in detecting and removing threats.

6. **Final Opinion**: Your final opinion on ArcaBit Internet Security 2024 is clear and based on your testing experience. It's essential for users to consider such detailed reviews before making decisions about their cybersecurity solutions. Your insights can help others make informed choices and understand the strengths and weaknesses of this particular antivirus product.

Thank you for sharing your review, and it's evident that you put significant effort into testing and evaluating ArcaBit Internet Security 2024. Your feedback can be valuable for both users and the developers of the software to understand areas that need improvement.


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Feb 28, 2023
It should be noted that Arcabit RoundKick is a behavioral protection, they have been abusing the name "EDR" (just like Huawei did).
After simple testing, I believe that RoundKick is a multi-step behavior scoring mechanism similar to Kaspersky System Watcher or Symantec SONAR, rather than EDR's usual mapping all behaviors to MITRE ATT&CK for finding attack chains.


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Feb 7, 2023
First of all, I don't understand the renaming of the detections of their partner Bitdefender, I even doubt if this is legal but so be it...
Secondly, RoundKick's detection of unknown threats is far too poor, with many Trojans and scripts going undetected, seriously infecting the system.
It is not illegal to play with detection names, including but not limited to adding prefix/suffix, changing entirely or copying/ referencing other vendors’ naming. Whilst there are guidelines and best practices, there aren’t any laws or patents that protect detection names. As for scripting protection, top names are average, any unknown vendor will be way below that.

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