Q&A Are AppGuard and Sandboxie a good combo?

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I use sandboxie mainly for isolating Chrome and Firefox(I use Windows 7 so I don't have appcontainer). AppGuard is kept there because it provides default deny protection. I have the necessary exclusions set for sandboxie in AppGuard. Are there any know conflicts between AG and SBIE? For my AV I have ESET IS.

appguard too tough to analyze
for me appguard is trash
simple very basic antiexecutable secureplus voodooshield nvt erp better


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Aug 15, 2018
for me appguard is trash
Sorry mate but I can't agree on this. IMO AG is one of the best and robust solutions out there if you know how to configure it. It is used to lockdown the entire system and I've yet to see any PC with AG getting infected. But yes, AG is not for everyone since you need to have a thorough knowledge of how SRP works and it takes time to set it up since each PC has unique softwares installed. But once you set up AG properly, no anti executable comes anywhere as close to it.


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Jan 27, 2017
Like Burrito, I tend to combine muscle groups. It seems to be most prudent to do this.

Appguard I have no interest in because they have no interest in consumers/prosumers, but feel the protection would be exceptional. Also I think it would be problematic on machines I don't directly use, always trying to determine why this or that doesn't work right. Sandboxie is probably a waste of time at best.

Honestly, Eset tweaked w/Syshardner is probably way way good enough IMO.
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