Level 22
You're following the thread at Wilders, right? He's still in the early stages of developing this. To me, it's like asking to test a building's reaction to a hurricane while it's still under construction. I'm following his progress in the dedicated Wilders thread.

The developer is using a leaked certificate in his builds, that's the main issue I'm watching. This has caused false positives in various security software. He's handled other issues with ease so far. (y)

If you want, ask the developer. Maybe he has done some informal testing himself.


Level 12

I remember when Sandboxie was paid at least the pro version.

Glad it went open source though!

I miss the original developer though who started it all he was very active on his forum!

I almost forgot the original developer name but found it! Ronen Tzur ! I remember Tzur so well on the forums!