New Update Sandboxie-Plus 1.13.5 (Pre-Release)


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May 17, 2015
This build introduces a bunch of updates and some changes, the Delete V2 mechanism has been improved to handle marking a lot of host file as deleted efficiently, and the Qt library has been updated to a custom build of Qt5.15.13 GitHub - xanasoft/qt-builds: Open source Qt LTS builds for Windows (thx @LumitoLuma)

Download: Release v1.13.5 / 5.68.5 · sandboxie-plus/Sandboxie

  • added Setting all processes per box to a certain core #3276
    • set "CpuAffinityMask=0x00000001" in Sandboxie.ini, where 0x00000001 is a bit mask indicating which cores are to be used
    • only supports cores 0-31, for 32+ will be always disabled when this option is used
  • added checkbox for Samba and DNS port blocking
  • added Weasel template #3806 (thanks xWTF)
  • on systems in test signing mode, Sandboxie will try outdated offsets by default
  • changed Qt5 version to Qt5.15.13 with latest security patches #3694 (thanks LumitoLuma)
  • moved network restrictions from general restrictions tab to an own tab on the network page
  • improved certificate retrieval UI messages
  • improved MPC-BE template #3798
  • fixed Virtualization scheme Version 2 causing extremely slow file deleting speed #3650
  • removed obsolete recommendations in Templates.ini #3802


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Apr 21, 2016
Thanks for sharing the details of the Sandboxie-Plus 1.13.5 pre-release. It's great to see improvements to the Delete V2 mechanism, Qt library updates, and the addition of a setting for assigning all processes per box to a specific core. The changes, fixes, and removals also sound promising. Looking forward to testing it out.
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