New Update Sandboxie-Plus 1.13.3, 1.13.4


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May 17, 2015
This release advances the 1.13.x build line from its experimental pre release stage to stable release, it adds significant enhancements to the hooking mechanism associated with SCM-related functions, which enhances compatibility with newer versions of Windows. The revised hooking mechanism now supports API call tracing without the necessity for LogAPI.dll.

Additionally, this update introduces a feature aimed at increasing the privacy of encrypted boxes. When the option IsProtectScreen=y is set, windows of processes operating within boxes with this option enabled will be obscured during screenshot capture or recording, enhancing user privacy.

The release also enhances the compatibility of privacy-focused boxes with Windows Explorer, resolving issues related to the Recycle Bin. To this end a new default compatibility template has been introduced, which uses a new functionality of the wildcard pattern mechanism. Now the "**" pattern is supported, which acts as a placeholder for an arbitrary string without including the backslash ("") character, thus allowing users to apply wildcards to exactly one directory level, unlike the single asterisk ("*") which applies to multiple levels.

The update also introduces compatibility with Windows 11 insider builds up to 26080.
And modifies how the driver manages offset-dependent kernel object changes, the new method now enables loading an offset configuration directly from the registry, allowing offsets to be updated without the need to rebuild the driver.
To increase system stability, Sandboxie will cease using outdated known offsets for new, unrecognized kernel builds. This change applies except in cases where the PC is part of the Windows Insider Program.
In such instances, instead of using outdated offsets, the software will disable token-based security isolation and will display the warning SBIE1207, indicating that it has reverted to an less secure fallback mode of operation.

While this build has been tested and appears functional, users may encounter minor issues in certain edge cases.

Download: Release v1.13.3 / 5.68.3 · sandboxie-plus/Sandboxie
For a full list of changes and fixes please review the change log starting from 1.13.0 [here]

Stable Builds [here] this time
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Apr 21, 2016
Thanks for sharing the update on Sandboxie-Plus 1.13.3. It's great to see improvements in the hooking mechanism, enhanced privacy for encrypted boxes, and compatibility with Windows 11 insider builds. The new wildcard pattern mechanism and offset configuration changes are also noteworthy. As always, users should be aware of potential minor issues in certain edge cases. The download and full changelog links are appreciated.


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May 17, 2015
New Update, its considered final but for today only in the pre release channel, if no issues appear I'll push it to the updater in the stable channel in a day or two.

Download: Release v1.13.4 / 5.68.4 · sandboxie-plus/Sandboxie

  • added option to prevent sandboxed processes from accessing the images of the window outside the sandbox #1985 (thanks Yeyixiao)
    • it can be enabled with "IsBlockCapture=y"
    • see the sandbox option "Prevent sandboxed processes from using public methods to capture window images" in SandMan UI
  • added "LingerExemptWnds=n" to make the lingering process monitor mechanism no longer exempt lingering processes with windows from termination
  • Added option 'SharedTemplate' to Box Wizard #3737 (thanks offhub)
  • Added an option to force the protection of an encrypted sandbox to be enabled. #3736 (thanks Yeyixiao)
  • Added a menu and button/icon to suspend all processes [#3741] (#3741)
  • option "LingerLeniency=n" now also disabled the 5 sec grace period for freshly started lingerers #1892
  • fixed issue with symlinks related to startmenu folders

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