Q&A Are you using DNS over HTTPS? - Test using Cloudflare Browsing Security Check

Are you using DNS over HTTPS?

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South Park

Level 7
Jun 23, 2018
I have just switched to Quad9 for Windows and apps. UltraDNS does not seem to offer free version anymore, while DNS servers still work, it is only a matter of time till they shut them down or limit the usage. Not to mention the lack of DoH (for the upcoming Windows). Quad9 is for me faster than #1.

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Quad9 supposedly supports ESNI, if you can trust this recent, but nameless comment. 😅


They do. I got this on FF with Quad9 DOH, which is my preferred provider:
Cloudflare ESNI Checker Cloudflare 20200606.png


Level 34
Mar 16, 2019
Guys, there is an other way to test if you have DoH or DoT enabled (for Cloudflare DNS). will give you some additional information, like the data center you've been connected to and if you're reaching their IPv6 DNS servers.
This one is better for knowing connected server ip and location:


Level 34
Mar 16, 2019
I'm running NextDNS and yes, using DoT & DoH. But traffic goes neighbor country. Response time 10ms, sometimes 9ms. That's not bad. 😕
Sometimes running Pi-Hole with my RPi Zero WH.

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Hi, NextDNS gives every user an almost identical yet unique ip address. Your NextDNS serer ip address is connected to your account only if I'm not wrong. So, you shouldn't share your NextDNS ip address in public places. You should hide the ip before posting such screenshots.