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Nov 15, 2018
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    Level 3
    Well, there is a reduced list of apps shipped with inside the XFCE, some other distros have a much bigger set of default apps, RAM usage on this laptop is below 400 MB on idle; the nice and bad thing is that we have a channel, "common with Arch" called AUR that cover pretty well other needs not present, drivers for printer, software...

    Is what I wanted to do for this laptop, I was mainly using browser on it and pretty easy to find Chromium or Vivaldi...

    Because has dual graphics, I needed to research a bit how to enable the NVIDIA; before trying this I tried two other distro on that laptop, but had some problems...

    I will be honest with you, the problem of rolling release distros, is that sometime they break, Manjaro is not Arch Linux, had is questionable security issues in the past, but I want take sometime to learn more about this.

    Also, lately opensource software make me change many things in how I configure Windows, that this thing is a benefit for my knowledge.


    On a side channel, I am testing two distros right now, this one and MX-Linux on another laptop I have, also MX has XFCE but is custom, and based on Debian...

    What I mainly want do is have a Linux VM, more than one on my main Windows Desktop, and other Windows VM on Linux laptops.
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    Level 3
    Given a different OS a new testing period, and I am finding myself really well with OpenSuse Leap; there is professional support coming from SuseEnterprise inside Leap, I am really enjoying :)
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