Asus is releasing firmware to make your motherboard Windows 11-ready


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Apr 24, 2016
Windows 11 have some particular security requirements, particularly around the availability of a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 module on the chipset of your device.

TMP 2.0 is actually pretty old, dating to 2011, with hardware support becoming available around 2015, meaning many older devices actually have the hardware already available but deactivated. This may even be the case for more recent hardware, as some locations such as Russia or China do not support it.

Asus has now started releasing new firmware for their motherboards which enable support for Windows 11. The new BIOS will automatically enable TPMP on AMD systems or Platform Trust Technology (PTT) on Intel ones.
A list of the motherboards being updated can be seen below, with more being in testing by Asus.

You can see an actively updated list at Asus here. You can find your current BIOS version by running “msinfo32” from the start menu.