AV-TEST AV-Test The best Windows antivirus software for home users (April 2023)

  1. This test shows how an antivirus behaves with certain threats, in a specific environment and under certain conditions.
    We encourage you to compare these results with others and take informed decisions on what security products to use.
    Before buying an antivirus you should consider factors such as price, ease of use, compatibility, and support. Installing a free trial version allows an antivirus to be tested in everyday use before purchase.


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Apr 15, 2019



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Dec 12, 2021
As usual with AV-TEST, 90% of AVs get a 6/6 rating for performance! LOL! :rolleyes:
At this point it's just marketing propaganda, you get people to buy your product simply by having OnE hUNDrEd PErEcENt dETEcTIOn RAtiO!!!!. It's as dangerous as any other kind of propaganda and disinformation, as you're convincing millions of people that their security product can prevent them from screwing up 100% of the time, resulting in those people to not bother using their brains when clicking on everything.

Honestly, it's as idiotic as anti-vaxxers who claim that they rely on their immune system rather than vaccines, as if they are expecting their immune system to be able to prevent all diseases.
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Feb 7, 2023
AV-Test hasn’t done anything that resembles propaganda, misinformation or irresponsible behaviour. From the test above, users can easily see that few products with scores 5 and 5.5 are not as great as others. I am inclined to believe that, knowing the technology behind them. Although it has been discussed by @Andy Ful and supported by evidence (extracted from these tests) that differences between detection rates are very minimal and not important for home users. There is a random factor as well.

These tests don’t play a key role when choosing an antivirus product and majority of users don’t even know this website exists, and even if they open it, they will find it uninteresting. It is mainly vendors who use claims such as “Unbeatable detection X years in a row”.

Users here always want products to be tested against scripts, 0-days and other difficult-to-handle attacks. Any test not including this doesn’t seem to be liked. Performing such tests is interesting to satisfy geeks curiosity but is in no way a must. Home users are rarely exposed to such content.

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