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Source: avast! forum

avast! AV Beta-Version [7.0.1414]

Feel free to download it here

Fixed issues (from 7.0.1407)- Autosandbox BSODs
- Too much activity of File System Shield
- UI crashes
- Show Installation Completed window just once
- Problem with not running Mail shield
- Incorrect marking emails as a SPAM
- Slowdown of system after fresh installation
- UPDATE: Improved stability of Outlook plugins
- UPDATE: Improved localizations
- And some security & user improvements

How to install it
Just run the setup executable (links above). This version can be installed on top of your existing avast installation (7.x, 6.x).

Known issues
- incompatible with Win 8 Consumer Preview(will be fixed soon

Bit difficult keeping up with these updates ;)
Please let avast! know of any issues.
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