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May 7, 2016
Hi all,

new beta version is live: 12.2.2273
In this release, we are trying to finish a few long going internal projects. Especially the improved licensing and registration to Windows Security center.

Fixes and improvements:
+ New licensing system
+ New implementation of Windows Security center registration
+ Rescue Disc fixed

Known Issues:
- Inserting license into expired program may cause invisibility of some components in the program UI. Repair fixes the issue.
- New components menu is not yet fully functional
- Windows Security center registration may not be successful in some cases. But please, report all occurrences which are not fixed by reboot.
- SafePrice plugin for Firefox may not show all available offers

Download links as usual or just update your current beta.


DL: BETA testing - Overview & Download links


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Oct 14, 2015
A bit vague on the details, any idea what this is and will it affect the main UI?

Avast stable build user.

Hi there,

It allows to install/uninstall components from the settings rather than having to do it the long way via Control Panel.
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