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Maybe File shield+ Web Shield, you have autosanbox and (optional) HIPS for cover other point, this set run light and smooth with low RAM and low CPU usage.


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I had my Windows 10 almost locked when i tried Avast with CFW @CS config with Behaviour shield enabled. I would suggest disabling Behaviour shield as well. After all AV is only for complementing the CFW.
It is alrdy fixed in the new build. Just better to exclude Comodo with avast. u dont need it the other round because Avast in in the comodo whitelist and comodo will not touch or scan it for anything.

Edit: The first 3 are perfect. Just turn off from comodo websites blocking or something like that. Because avast does realy well on blocking websites alone and comodo would just slow things down than with 2 webshields enabled.

Have a great day mate! :)


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avast - default setting only with file shield and web shield should be fine . i never add IDP protection while using CS setting


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I've installed everything from security + the extension, though it doesn't load in Edge. You might want SafeZone but I don't use it.


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Most of that is actually not useful since you'd have to upgrade or pay for use (like the VPN). I'd go with the four shields, Wi-Fi Inspector, SafeZone Browser, and that's it.

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u tryed it recently? The lastes 10er builds are realy stable on my end. Nothing buggy at all. They have managed to make a realy stable product. :)
Yep it was one of the latest stable builds. Practically hung up my computer. If I didn't get to the uninstaller fast enough my computer would hang..


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You could just use the File & Web Shield, but otherwise stick with Windows Defender.

File Shield - Yes
Behavior Shield - Optional
Web Shield - Yes
Mail Shield - Optional for desktop-based Email Clients
Software Updater - No. Upgrade to get Automatic updates
Browser Cleanup - No
Rescue Disk - Optional
WiFi Inspector - Yes (formally Home Network Security)
SafeZone Browser - No
Security browser extension - No
SafePrice browser extension - No
SecureLine VPN - No. Separate license required
Passwords - Optional, if you don't use another Password Management service
Cleanup - No. Separate license required
Game Mode - No