Avast Free Antivirus vs Avira Free Antivirus

  • Avast Free Antivirus

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  • Avira Free Antivirus

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Avast Free Antivirus vs Avira Free Antivirus
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Level 37
The suite I'd used prior to Norton was Avast! Premier. Additionally I'd understood (at that time) Avast Free provided equal protection to it's paid counterpart plus their hardened mode provides (imho) substantial preventative measures.
I'd last used Avira Free on our XP system (2013-14) before replacing it with Comodo.;)
Perhaps it may be time to give Avira another spin, but for now past experience leans me toward Avast!:D


Level 18
Avira has better signatures and adware detection but that's about it... As for Luke Filewalker, be better as Anakin Filewalker. Better name, better character, better Jedi. Even in the end of his life, he became one of the few (if not the only) to come back from the dark side. I'm a bit rusty with my Star Wars.

If I'm not mistaken, Avira has no web protection. Avast has very good web protection with many other tools handy to protect your computer. Performance wise, Avira is better. Recent versions of Avast have been harsh on HDD for some reason. Avast Free AV with Comodo Firewall is a very good combo. Avast also a bit heavier on CPU than Avira has been however on my computer, Avira is buggy. No one else seems to have that problem as far as I know so I wouldn't worry about that part.

My vote goes to Avast for being tried and proven over years of use.


Level 19
I would personally go with Avast Free.
The free version of Avast's security product boasts a wider range of security features compared to Avira, which directly translates to greater overall amount of protection.
Avira might have slightly better signatures, however it lacks security components that Avast Free offers.

However, like other members noted, you should make sure that you customize the installation of Avast in order to prevent bloatware from being installed.


Level 15
I vote: AVIRA its the lightest (overall) free Antivirus, I used. its like have a windows defender with much better signatures. I find the custom installation to enhance the free version (no installing of launcher)

To less experienced users I suggest Avast though, as its the better product in terms of zero day and additional defense options.