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iam using Avast at the moment and ive got a few problems with the newer updates .. it seems some have been quite ok since V8 .. for example the one you have when you install it via the AIS Setup File before you update it, the date for the update is (07.03.2013 .. dont remember the revision name) .. in this version the sandbox works (browser cache, history, cookies etc. are really deleted after you close it, firefox and chrome, no problems) in versions after 07.03., the files created inside the sandbox persist (at least on my PC .. ;) ) so i get the feeling things worsen with the actual updates instead of fixing anything .. the biggest issues for me so far are the described sandbox problems and the blocking of thunderbird incoming emails.

anyone around having the same or different issues with AIS 8 newest updates ? someone without problems ? .. any selfmade fixes ?

BTW: could a Mod please merge my 2 threads, the sandbox and this one with the "new" thread name ? thanks