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** INTRODUCING: avast! Mobile Security 2 Beta **

Hi all,

We're glad to introduce new major version of the avast! Free Mobile Security. There wasn't a program update since April for a reason. We've worked hard to prepare bunch of new features. The most important one is the avast! Anti-Theft web portal integrated into the avast! Account which allows remote control of your device from a web browser.There are also other improvements like the Network Meter, avast! SiteCorrect, Real-time protection of executed apps, widget, slightly optimized UI for tablets and many more.

We are kicking off a public beta here. As we don't plan to put the beta product on the Google Play store, you'll have to watch this thread for updates. The avast! Mobile Security and avast! Anti-Theft APKs will be pinned here and are intended to be installed manually to your devices. The definitions database will be of course updated automatically.

New Features
avast! Anti-Theft web portal integrated into the avast! Account
Network Meter
avast! widget
Optimized UI for tablets
Real-time protection (on-exec scanning) of apps
Custom rules and log in the firewall
The shield control UI to fine-tune on-access security setup
avast! SiteCorrect for the Web Shield
Scanning of incoming messages
SMS/Call filter wildcards
Greyscale notification icon (yay!)

System Requirements
To run avast! Free Mobile Security your device must meet the following criteria.

Operating Systems Supported
Android 2.1.x
Android 2.2.x
Android 2.3.x
Android 3.x
Android 4.0.x
Experimental support for Android 4.1.x

Minimum Hardware Requirements
Any phone or tablet capable of running a supported system

Other considerations
If you have any comments of feedback, please start a new topic and/or respond to an existing one rather than bloating this particular thread.


avast! Mobile Security:

avast! Anti-Theft:


now you have a web interface, feature that missed before.
not to say it is my mobile security apps now.

note: AMS' Antitheft feature is not compatible with Go SMS Pro

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