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Hello everybody!!!

earlier today AVAST released a program update today , 7.0.1451
here is the list of program improvements :

This program update contains the following major features:
* Changes in the autosandbox module
* Improvements in Remote Assistance (support for UAC prompts etc)
* Improvements in SafeZone (protection against kernel-mode keyloggers; Updated SafeZone Browser; clipboard sharing, etc.)
* Outlook plugin redesign
* Opera support in WebRep
* SiteCorrect module for the detection of unwanted websites
* Windows 8 compatibility updates
* Emergency Updater

and here is the link for the official AVAST forum :


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Updated mine! webrep is working in chrome for me now...but yet scirpt shield is not working in chrome but works for IE:)

Sitecorrect-just tested it and it works fine..

Noticed the new autosandbox pop up :)


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Earth said:
How do you terminate the program running in the sandbox then?
it doesnt terminate the program..It will analyze until the program runs in the sandbox and after the program closes will finish analysis and conclude the result...and if the user says continue execution it will re-launch the program normally outside the sandbox and if the user clicks will run the program in sandbox again when it is re-launched


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samit said:
site correct is not working for me....
It will only work if u have avast webrep addon in your browser...

A way to test it...once u installed the addon of webrep...type in avats[DOT]com and u will see this [see screenshot]


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Does SiteCorrect specifically rely on WebRep to be installed?

Most modern browsers can protect against typo-squatters, when using the suggested searches or suggested by the browser.
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