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Avast! Repots:::

In 25 March 2013(Today):

avast! in numbers:

253,350,736registered users of avast! (253+ million)

184,014,577active devices protected by avast! (184+ million)

[1st Highest Popular Antivirus & 2nd Most Active User Antivirus Company]

504,441infected websites discovered with help of avast! CommunityIQ in last 30 days

100,333,575users prevented from visiting infected sites in the last 30 days...

IN INDIA: there are 840466 Active user Of AVAST! (8+ lakh)
Where as the highest User in New Delhi: 352535 Users (3.5+ lakh)

NOTE: Reports from Avast Website...!


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RE: Avast Repot.!

Definitely avast! is really a widespread product since its just a first free AV to have lots of components that are compatible in just free version already. :)

Continuously innovating from its modern techniques in dealing security.