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AIS has SecureDNS.

A user in Avast forum mentioned "It is programmed so that it is used, and not your isp or other dns services".

I think during install this should be mentioned that SecureDNS enabled will use Avast DNS instead of ISP DNS or system DNS.

SecureDNS enabled gives randomly "check if the site name entered is correct".

SecureDNS disabled gives no probs.

And this is confirmed. I am checking for past few days.

Anyone with the prob?
And does SecureDNS has malware/phishing protection?


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SecureDNS is design to provide protection against hijacking webpage which translates the web address to IP to determine if its in blacklist + in my view the malware/phishing protection may already incorporate in Web shield so there's no problem if both turn on.


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Removed incorrect information - 2016.

Homepage: Secure your DNS | Defend against DNS hijacking attack
Secure DNS is a feature in Avast Premier, Avast Internet Security and Avast Pro Antivirus which secures you against DNS (Domain Name System) hijacking. Some malicious programs can stealthily redirect you from an authentic URL to an inauthentic website to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details you enter.

Every time you enter the URL of any web site to address box (like www.avast.com) in your web browser, it must be translated to the IP address of the web server where the target web page is stored. Secure DNS provides an encrypted connection between your web browser and Avast's own DNS server to be sure the translation is not hijacked. In other words, Secure DNS ensures that the displayed web page is the authentic one.
Source: Avast FAQ | Avast 2016: Frequently Asked Questions - General
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