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Level 8
AVG has apparently vacated the 1-year licenses which the activation code provided to AVG Internet Security and AVG Tuneup.

An AVG notification indicating a restart was needed appeared on my PC, something which occurred in the past for a program update.

Following the restart, AVG Internet Security and AVG Tuneup both indicated as Free functionally-limited versions with 366 day licenses.

It was nice while it lasted!

I was testing the AVG tuneup and they indeed removed the premium signature. The question is if this was really a "mistake" from AVG


Level 69
Malware Hunter
Unfortunately AVG restricted Iranian users :emoji_expressionless:
Iranian users have been boycotted
And you can't use the app either !
I've never Trust to a company that restricted people by their Geography & nationality , its a visible racist reaction , its horrible , they should be ashamed of it.
btw you lost nothing, there are many better choices (exist) :)


Level 1
Advice provided to complaining users on the Russian giveaway-provider website suggests this is not an official AVG promotion, based upon their suggestions to rename one's PC and to block AVG Tuneup from connecting to the Web to avoid deactivation. Also, the provided activation code generated a license file containing multiple duration periods for each AVG product under different customer names using the same e-mail address.