The better between AVG & Avira ?

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Hello MT Community !

This discussion is a discussion about AVG & Avira

If you can please, explain why you choose AVG or Avira :)


Topic now goes 360 products. But If you want security with these two. I will recommend you Avira Free.
Maybe poor support but their detection rates and behavioral engine is soo good. This is just my opinion :)


avg has not got poor detection like malware1 stated , its rather average. its zeroday capabilities are not the greatest and avg depends heavilly on signatures. despite all of this i am a long term user of their product. it whas the firsty av I ever used and i have yet have to become infected with it. it works fine for me :)


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I would not call Avra's 99.8 detection rate shabby in the April 2014 testing by AV- Comparatives org


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I've used AVG with no complaints (..well, except it used to use high resources years ago and so this may not be the case now). Avira free is still on my XP system, and turned out to be surprisingly good for a free AV! (which is why I chose it).;)
That said, for both our Windows 7 & Windows 8.1 systems we've opted to use the native, Microsoft Security Essentials & Windows Defender AVs respectively with Windows Firewall because (IMhO) they give amazingly effective protection. Ultimately, you should go with what you decide you feel fulfills your needs; and the best way to do this is similar to when one buys a car. You test drive them first to figure out which is right for you. Good luck!:D
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Avira is not bad except it takes longer time on scanning which you have to bear with it. I have used Avira Premium for years and consider she is much better than AVG. The best thing for Avira : there is no pirated keys for Avira so far.


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I'm not going to commit on the detection rate since that is based on the users own actions, just because a product doesn't detect a threat doesn't mean that threat will successfully infect that system that is based on the user.

Avira is lighter but has more false positives and basically no support.
AVG is a bit heavier but has less false positives and good support.

Both are ad-supported.

Better options would be Avast free, MSE or Panda Cloud free.

Enjoy!! :D
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