Do you like the new Avira UI 2018?

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Hi all

Avira Antivirus for Windows New User Interface

Avira Antivirus for Windows New User Interface

We are currently developing a new User Interface for the Avira Antivirus for Windows and we are thrilled to show it to you!

It has a modern, fresh look which fits the overall Avira design. This easy to use interface simplifies and reduces the number of interactions a user has to make in order to achieve to most common tasks. We've also made sure that all the relevant information is presented in an easy to understand fashion.

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I don't like the new UI either. Looks way too bloated. It reminds me of the Avast UI: too much things on one space. And they seem to have added ads into the ui, which the old one didn't have (only popups).
It does match with the looks of the (completely useless and too heavy) Avira Launcher though.


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Would be awesome if the new UI just showed all the antivirus settings instead of trying to push for users to download other bloatware.

Then again I feel like avast and other AVs are also doing this.


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Does this also mean they may have gotten rid of some of the annoyances they had? like the quick scan after detection action?

And I'm starting to lose hope that Avira will ever integrate a true zero day Behavior Blocker or HIPS or Sandbox and even if they did...chances of them
adding it to their free offering is about 5% or less. It just doesn't fit in their business model. Which seems to go against the grain of AV's nowadays

Their sticking with "GIve nothing for free"


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I actually think the new GUI looks very Nice and clean. The colour scheme does remind me of McAfee however. Too bad it does mis some important modules that others do have in their free version. A shame that the focus on bombarding user with bloatware instead of protecting them could have more potential.
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