Level 63
Changelog (Update 12)
  • Update Open SSL
  • WMI in Antivirus Pro allows also modification dependent on the configuration setting
  • Windows Action Center messages are not popping up anymore during setup and licenses change
  • Update status is now shown in Status Page of Control Center
  • When a silent scheduled update is running, a click on start update will show the update GUI of the currently running update
  • Other updater improvements
  • Control Center stops working after you close it from taskbar
  • Many avgntflt timeouts are generated on Avira maybe caused by setup


Level 26
please note that a new build of Update 13 for Avira Version 2015 is now available for beta testing at the Avira Beta Center. Existing installations will receive this update automatically.

New beta build: /

Extracted from the changelog these are the latest changes for Update 13:

  • New network protection release
  • OneKit Server preparation
  • Removed SocialShield page
  • Add configuration if Scan start should show UAC or not
  • The performance has been improved
  • Prohibit installation of OneKit Server for Update 13
  • Do not show Windows Security Center messages during update
  • Improved the text of the message box if an update failed to start
  • Send setup reports progress to Avira Launcher
  • Improved the generic repair routine for the Winlogon key

Please file a bug report as soon as unexpected behavior or a crash of any component occurs.

If you like to download the latest Avira Antivirus beta, you can find it in our Beta Releases section.

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Level 15
Has the UI changed at all Secondmineboy ?

I think its productive to see new changes... the good ones anyway ;) but it shouldn't matter if the UI look is new or old. Performance is much more important. Avira has been a very steady Antivirus in protection and look.

The UI staying the same will assure us their UI is not better or worse, just the same.
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Level 63
Changelog (Update 13.1 for AV15 Pro and Free only)
  • The Avira Pro Web Protection is stopped and the Internet is blocked if the OS is installed on a different SystemRoot drive letter than C:
  • WINHTTP update bridge logging improved
  • Web Protection hangs and Internet failures occure: Message: The "Avira Browser Protection" service has unexpectedly quit. This already occurred 1 time. Next corrective action will be taken in 0 milliseconds: Restart the service
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Level 63
Changelog (Update 14)
  • Initial release Avira Antivirus Server product
  • Enhancement for Avira intelligent repair system (AIRS)
  • Improved protection cloud communication
  • Closed vulnerability where malware was able to hide from AV
  • Trigger a silent update in case of a corrupt scheduler job
  • Add an uninstall verification page
  • WMI access to AV can be configured for read/write access
  • Product settings are kept for up- and downgrades of the AV15 products
  • Temporary update files are always deleted
  • The setup also copies 64bit LSP (avsda64.dll) even if filelist.ini and the updater control file does not contain this action for 32bit machines
  • Improved check for enough disk space to complete an update
  • Improved updater logging in case the process protection was removed from update.exe
  • Fixed crash during scan if the option 'follow symbolic link' was used
  • Removed warning in scan log for pagefile.sys and hiberfil.sys
  • Improved response time for scheduled tasks at system start time
  • Stability improvements in update .exe in AV14 products
  • Fixed problem which sometimes caused reboots when repair.rdf was updated
  • Fixed problem on Windows 10 where "The profile could not be found" error message was generated after a quarantined object was re-scanned
  • Fixed problems in MailGuard where emails which contained attachments couldn’t be send if SMTP is enabled
  • Fixed problem on Windows 10 where Guard shared network feature was not working
  • Product stablitiy improvements in several modules
  • Fixed problem on Windows 10 where the Avira Control Center cannot be closed via taskbar
  • Fixed unexpected reboot after update
  • Fixed problem where a scan executed as standard user via the shell extension was not possible if the UAC is disabled
  • Fixed problem where MailGuard did not scan emails after being re-enabled
  • Fixed problem where Mail- and Webguard version information where not displayed anymore in the About Window
  • Fixed problem where product could not contact our license backend after an automatic renewal. That behavior resulted in an invalid license
  • Fixed problem where the manual quick scan started many instances of avscan.exe
  • Fixed problem where the refresh button from the quarantine manager was not working
  • Fixed problem where clicking the Facebook's "Share" button lead to the number of infections in the GUI result window was wrong
  • Fixed problem where Quarantine re-scans of files bigger than 25 MB were causing a scanner hang
  • Fixed problem where the launcher crashed after a license exchange from Avira Free Antivirus to Avira Antivirus Pro
  • Improvements and fixes in license activation
  • Fixed problem where Setup tried to uninstall WFP on Windows XP
  • Fixed problem of endless scans caused by our snapshot driver
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Level 19
New in version Beta
April 21st, 2016

  • AIRS has now improved process repair capabilities
  • AIRS is now able to repair processes that have malicious dll's loaded without a reboot
  • Improved security of user interface configuration file
  • AIRS has now the improved repair capabilities for text based files
  • Improved AIRS to handle file paths more effective
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed issue where the On Demand Scanner was hanging for a longer time
  • Fixed compatibility issue between Avira avgntflt.sys driver and Security BOX driver
  • Corrected default settings for action on suspicious files
  • Fixed a crash that happened under special circumstances during an update in AV14 Professional
  • Improved the way the product is handling timestamps in different time zones and with summer and wintertime
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