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Avira Connect beta

"As the number of connected devices worldwide grow rapidly, there is an increased penetration of device density per capita and per house hold. Now an average user and family carry more than one device with a mix of at least one computer and one smart phone.

Avira Connect helps user bring all their devices under one umbrella where user can easily add a new device whether computer or smart phone and remotely push any of the available services from Avira to protect devices as well as user identity.

Once all devices are connected through Avira Connect, user can easily monitor the state of services on other device without having to manually check those devices providing peace of mind.

Avira Connect brings all devices together without compromising the privacy of any user. Which means none of the users or devices in Avira Connect can access any data or private information on any of the other devices, things like music, contacts, photos or any other data."

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Disclaimer: I am not an Avira Beta Tester. I do not use Avira Connect Beta nor have access to the Beta app.