Which one do you prefer?

  • Avast Free Antivirus

    Votes: 58 61.7%
  • Avira Free Antivirus

    Votes: 36 38.3%
  • Total voters
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List of apps to compare
Avira Free 2014 vs Avast Free 2014
What I am most interested about
Learning curve (Ease of Use)
Graphical User Interface
Exclusive Features & Functionality


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i would choose Avast. Avira havnt any nice zeroday component. another thing i dont like that u have to wait for signature update almost a half day. avast have some nice proactive components like hardern mode, deepscreen and other modules. and u got always stream updates, that means ur all the day up to day if ur connected. for me, avast is far better than avira with a costum install. im always thinking if avira detection a thread u need to wait some hours to get the signatur, while this time thousands of users can get infected with this malware. while avast found a new thread, they just push out a stream update for it.


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I always laugh to such comments. I never had any problems with AV "X" and that means it's the best. The fact that you never had problems means that you either think before you click and you haven't visited any malicious websites or that your AV doesn't detected them if you have visited such sites.:p
yeah lol xD , i only visit forums, youtube, mail, torrent, stuff like that. normal browsing

But thats why malwarebytes and hitmanpro are the best complement por free AV. if baidu dont detect something, the others two will do xD


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I personaly would use avast free because of how it can be customized more then avira for better protection like hardened mode and deep screen and has streaming updates the last time i used avira not that long ago you had to manualy update i also got anoyed when avira needs adminitrative permisons for alot of things and its intergrated with windows firewall i like to throw in comodo firewall


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I found out when it terms of stability Avast can handle it well even though they are many modules, boot up and shut down times came as responsive.

However in protection state still to be unknown and not trying to be biase this time.


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I believe Avast is a bit lighter and will protect you equally. Avira is weak against ZeroDay malware, but has a strong database, it's great for a full scan.
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