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Avira launches a new product for Apple MacOS systems at the end of March 2012. It is called Avira Free Mac Security and it is a free-of-charge product for both consumers and businesses.

The first version will be available in German and English.

Features, design and user guidance are based on extensive user surveys, design studies and usability tests. As a result, the Avira Mac Security follows a “back to the basics” approach, similar with the concept used in the Windows products. It provides the latest available Avira scan and protection technology and combines it with a super easy to use approach.

The focus of the product is very much on securing a Mac automatically and involving the user into the decision making process only when it is absolutely necessary or the user wants to be involved.

After the installation, the product automatically checks the security status of the Mac system:

it updates the detection,
performs a quick scan,
checks for untreated viruses,
checks if the Real-Time Protection is running
the default update job is activated,
fixes possible security issues

In the end, it hands over a working product and a clean system to the user.
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The product will be released at the end of March 2012.
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Valentin N

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Seems that more and more AV comes to Mac. And people at mediamark says that Mac OS is more secure than windows OS... lol. It's true if you look that Mac has only 1% of what windows has but it's also the most used OS...


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I've not seen any worthy Free/Paid AV/IS for MacOS, except for Intego (paid) software.
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