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    Sana Khan

    Level 1
    Which one is the best Avira or Emsisoft Anti-malware or bitdefender ? currently i'am using Emsisoft but it's about to expire. Thank you


    Level 17
    Content Creator
    Must be another reason then. I know power saving mode is the cause when i tried using Avira on my phone. Every time i would log in via the app it would not take the license and show me an error. Contacted support and they asked if power saving mode was turned on. Told me to turn it off and it worked.

    Deleted Member 3a5v73x

    Also, this giveaway is good even if you want to use just VPN on PC/Android, but be aware, don't select "Nearest Location", it will sneakily connect to Germany servers from time to time.. I bet with that one they can get something out of users, since Avira itself is from Germany, coincidence? No. I have more to say since I was BETA tester for a long period, but then I got threatened over email to watch my mouth what I say about them. Scared of security company lol? Shouldn't it be other way around, them protecting it's users? I'm just saying don't fall for obvious marketing tricks by using such soft, It's a business, Windows 10 itself can already do that when you know where to look for and what options to change.
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    Serious Noize

    Level 5
    Thanks for the offer, but NO THANKS! The issue I have with Avira's offers is they always come with too many strings.

    For example : "They recently had a 6 month trial offer", I tried installing that software months ago and forgot about it but had issues with Windows 10 updates and had to do a fresh install of WIndows 10. So, I forgot about that, then I saw that offer, and it worked for everyone talking about it, but in my case it did not because it said I had 1 day left. Or in other words, I never really got a trial because it was tied to my MAC address and or Email address. The issue's I have with Avira is it forces you to install the main brain so to speak, or the nagging part that always reminds you that you are stupid for NOT buying all their other stuff.

    Avira used to be really good, when it was just a solo antivirus, and solo everything. But this package deal is just junk in my opinion, it's SELL WARE or that is throw you a bone and hope you bite on their other stuff. While I can't blame anyone for trying to make a dollar these days, I must say that if it's good, it will sell itself, no need to giveaway adware, which really is what it is when you get a trial advertising things all the time and getting all your computer specs and such things the whole time. Just say.......

    Just my opinion........


    New Member
    Downloaded yesterday 92 days for me but the strange thing that on my expiry date says is expire in 1 day but on my account 92 days.


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