Level 8
How does detection work with avira's cloud?

I've been playing around with it for a few days now in a VM and have never had a cloud upload/detection of a file on creation or on download.

However said file will then be detected with a subsequent right click scan with the (cloud) addition on the end of the name.

So, per say in the even of a malware attack would a file be cloud scanned/detected on execution or just with a right click scan?

Should be noted I am not running samples in the VM just checking static detection's.


Level 61
AFAIK Avira's Cloud protection appears often by execution when the signatures and heuristics bypass.

It will show a pop-window with a format of ',threat name (Cloud) is blocked'.

In terms of scanning, Avira Cloud is enforced while the uploading of samples is also appear from execution probably.