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Often when a new installation of the system we are forced to re-configure our browsers and mail clients. On the need to install new extensions, import your bookmarks, contacts, email, browser settings. To avoid this, you can use programs that do a backup and then restore it if necessary. The first such program is MozBackup, which makes a backup of profiles Mozilii, Firefox browser, mail client Thunderbird, and Netscape. The program allows you to create copies of the e-mail, bookmarks, contacts. The program is a totally free.

Another such program is the one I use FavBackup.
supports browsers such as:
-Internet Explorer
-Google Chrome



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Thanks for sharing, Farmer. I used MozBackup in the past. Currently I use LastPass and XMarks to store/sync passwords & bookmarks across all browsers.


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I am because of this that I use Thunderbird and Firefox profiles to copy and use MozBackup to IE FavBackup. For passwords I use 1Password


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Nice....I don't think I will try this one... the reason... I use Chrome and I've exported my bookmarks...saved them in a folder on my email.......When I need them I can just download and then import... :D
Apart from the bookmarks I don't need anything saved...... so...