Ccleaner VS East-Tec Eraser

  • Ccleaner

    Votes: 68 95.8%
  • East-Tec Eraser

    Votes: 3 4.2%
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Ccleaner and East-Tec Eraser
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RaDi0AcTiVe MaN

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I visited the homepage of East-Tec. It says they are 16 years in the market. But i never heard of them. They got a positive review from Softpedia, a clean 5 stars. But that was on 15 December 2005. And their last review of this product was 2011. Dont know but my inner alarm ring.

Maybe I do them wrong. But i would chose Ccleaner over East-Tec Eraser, simply because Ccleaner is an established and trusted product.


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Well for safety and non aggressive cleaning abilities then go to CCleaner since a lot of positive reviewes + regular maintainance updates.

Well East-Tec are somehow exist in the market however the way of advertise are differ which why some people never heard. In my view the product is fine but the aggresiveness may vary.
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CCleaner is very easy to use and does not create problems, it can be used every day.
The main advantage of ETE is the irreversible deletion of sensitive data and user's tracks but it is a paid product.
PrvaZer offers the same features of ETE but it is free.


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Didn't ETE used to be CyberScrub (at least in Europe)? If so it was very through and had lots of options when I used 10+ years ago.

CCleaner is the easy option. It cleans but not in a fashion that is going to cause you issues if you've misconfigured (I once erased a system file with Cyber Scrub onXP and rendered it unbootable).

The best free option for me is not mentioned in op. Privazer all the way for me!

RaDi0AcTiVe MaN

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What i wanted to add is. That Cleaner-Software always pose a higher risk for Laptops. I always found its harder to wreck a PC as a Laptop with this tools.


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Never heard of East Tec Eraser to be honest. All you need is CCleaner. It is well know to be doing it's job very good for a long time now. Other cleaning products are often just advertising or junk that slows down you computer (apart from some other goodies like privazer of course).
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which 2 votiees went for EAST-TEC, and why?

you don't have to expose yourself... but curious cat here... :) ;)


Didn't vote for either and don't use either at the present time. The last time I used EAST-TEC was probably around 2001 and it was a good program, it wasn't free but you could get keys for a version once in awhile there was Cyberscrub also almost identical sold at the same time. I don't think CCleaner was even around back then but I might be wrong on that. If I remember right it just started offering alot of services I didn't need so I moved on maybe to eraser which was pretty popular and solid to at about the time I quit using it. This would of been about Windows Me and early XP days so needs were different. That was a long time ago pretty foggy and probably of no interest now. It was considered a solid progam back then. I have to add I do remember it had no conscience you needed to be careful what you let it clean. But I never felt that was a program weakness.
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