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This morning "bdservicehost (Bitdefender Virus Shield") started to use too much cpu ~30% permanently for 4 hours and until now.



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  • What were you doing on your PC during those 4 hours?
  • Did you have any other third-party software running in the background (ie. Steam)?
  • Did you notice any Microsoft processes running ie. TrustedInstaller?

If problems persist after a system restart, contact support.

Bitdefender customers are entitled to use their 24/7 technical customer services.

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Thanks for your answers.
@SecureKongo , you are right , the only solution I found is to reboot my PC and after 24 hours the problem did not reappear.
@upnorth , yes ! many BD users have the same issue.
@Spawn , I was working like every days. No other third-party software running in the background . I don't know for TrustedInstaller ? I'm the poster of bdservicehost (Bitdefender Virus Shield) uses too much cpu
@fabiobr , yes me too I think that BD is lighter than Kaspersky. After reboot this issue seems to be solved but in case of too frequent recurrence I will seriously consider replacing BD by Kaspersky.

NB: the only important change is the new version thursday Aug 27 and the issue appeared friday Aug 28 , but but after the installation of the new version a reboot was necessary and I made it.


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It once happened to me on the 2020 version. The issue was resolved with a reboot. On the 2021 / Build 25, I enabled Profiles and I am not noticing any spike while in idle. The usage keeps fluctuating from 0% - 0.5% with Memory constant at 357.2 MB.