Even in the case of MBAM premium with real time protection active, it may not be considered as the main antivirus.
If you have WD enabled, then MBAM premium can be complementary.
What third-party firewall do you use?


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MBAM is fine but you can have SecureAplus for companion based product which will complement very well on WD.
MBAM is just a second opinion scanner and should not be used as your only security solution. I also don't recommend using opera as the security on it is terrible, unless you have smartscreen and uac enabled. Also what 3rd party firewall are you using? Heres what I would do if I were you. Make sure windows defender is enabled, and if you don't have a 3rd party firewall I would make sure windows firewall is enabled. I would then make sure UAC and smartscreen is enabled. Then I would use ublock origin instead of adblock, if its available for opera. You would then have a decent security setup, don't forget to do regular updates on malwarebytes and windows defender to keep yourself safe from the latest threats. One thing you are kind of vulnerable to is 0 day threats, but as long as you don't continue something when smartscreen says not to, you should be fine. You can add malwarebytes anti exploit if you haven't already. Hope I helped!