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best BBs are in order:

1- Emsisoft (mamutu now built-in EAM/EIS)
2- Norton (Sonar)
3- F-secure (deepguard)
4- Threatfire (not developed anymore)
Users mentioned Trend Micro & GData.
There is Bitdefender too.
So how would you rate all now?

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1. Emsisoft
2. G Data and BD
3. F-Secure
4. Trend Micro
5. Norton
I have used Bitdefender. Its BB is not like HIPS i.e it blocks & no other popups. I like this for average users.

Currently running Fsecure AV. Tested with harmless samples just to see the popups. Its popup is also for suspicious/dangerous stuffs & good for average users. Of all the AVs I have tested, this is the only AV that blocked leaktest.exe from i.e got a suspicious/dangerous popup, selected block, leaktest opened & couldn't connect. DeepGuard seems very good. No FPs on system.

The above mentioned products with BB are good for average users?
i.e I like BB that dont act like HIPS & good for average users.
HIPS like I mean, popup mentioning program creating autostart entry, modifying registry, etc...
Need a good BB that detects suspicious/dangerous stuffs & blocks or give popups to block. Not give popups like creating this, modifying that, etc...this doesn't mean anything to average users.


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@sinu: For Avira their ProAktiv trademark is seems not fully effective on majority of test which makes totally problematic from focusing signatures much besides on their APC.

Limited on x64 according on older source before but unfortunately its methodology is not quite concrete to get an information.

Meanwhile, Panda Cloud/AV developed Behavior Blocking according to the rules which are known for exploits and vulnerable areas.
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