Jul 25, 2018
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Windows 10
I stumbled upon this site about a week ago, not because I've got any issues but rather that I like to be proactive regarding my PC security. I'm currently running BD IS 2019 and have been pretty pleased with it, but am always looking for the next great piece of software (as a former telecommunications software developer and project manager from AT&T Bell Labs.) My browser of choice is Chrome which I had been running with several extensions including: Dashlane, Adobe PDF, SmoothScroll, Fast Page Scroll, and SuperSorter. Since joining this site I've come across several more recommended extensions which I've found to be excellent and am now running as well: Netcraft, Nano Adblocker, Nano Defender, and Font Rendering Enhancer. I also recently installed VoodooShield and so far it's running without any issues encountered, really just as a backup to my BD IS installation. I was considering trying out KIS but with my current setup running so well I think I'd be better off leaving well enough alone, but if I feel adventurous I may give KIS a try instead of BD.

The point of this post is to sincerely thank the members of this forum for all of the knowledge which they so generously take the time to share, this forum is the best such resource I've found! I look forward to my continued participation and learning.
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