Good the real-time section and also I use FSecure, but you should at least add Malwarebytes as second opinion scanner (free, only on demand).
Good backup and recovery plan with Acronis.
With Windows 10 currently exists a greater sharing of personal data.
On our Forum you can find lots of information about this.
You can add Ccleaner for Windows maintenance.


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Pretty fine, other on demand scanners mentioned can be safely store to your USB and use in case of emergency.

No question for F-secure since its really a good product, its just a audience scale are not outnumbered of usage compare to other products.

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Good config, I agree with the other suggestions, an on-demand scanner like MalwareBytes is fundamental, in addition I suggest you to add BitDefender 60 second virus scanner, which is light and fast and it runs in background so it doesn't take slow down your PC.
Thanks for sharing it ;)