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Ok guys ty all for your help. I´ll be trying Adblock browser and firefox with Self destructing cookies and ublock origin (BTW I didnt know I could use the same extensions in the firefox for Android and Windows/MAC/Linux
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opera mini without doubt. problem abouth blocker in android alot of webs "love "add crap ADS and if u block them u cant join web.. im really tired of those webs.

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naked browser free/pro is the lightest browser for me. It can read easylist-type adblocking files and you can add whatever you want for it to block
I tried a lot of browsers but still went back to naked
I use puffin browser for heavy web browsing, webs content heavy javascripts
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I go with Opera and Opera Mini. Both are light and way faster than chrome. For a download manager I use ADM.


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Well no advertisement on free browser? Then go to Opera browser itself.

The other products goes already to be ad-supported unless willing to pay the PRO version.
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