Fastest and Feature rich Chromium/Blink/Webkit based browser? Which one do you prefer?

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Parth Dhanani

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I personally think Opera is the best chromium browser up to date.
Yes depends on your choices :) but it surely isnt upto date.. Chrome is always ahead by 1 or 2 blink/chromium versions
You should surely Yandex Browser because it is built on Opera and has really good features and syncing which opera lacks :)

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And security wise? Everybody talk about speed but for me security is first. (Built-in components, up-to-date fixed vulnerability/flaws, latest core , etc...)

Find me a browser as secured and updated than my chrome beta x64 , and i will care to take a look. :D

Parth Dhanani

Level 4
Rcentely, I made an extensive testing for every single browsers on the internet (28 Browsers) to figure out which is best for everyday's usage...

I tried (Mozilla Firefox, Cyberfox, Pale Moon, Comodo IceDragon, Google Chrome, Comodo Dragon, Maxthon, Maxthon Nitro, Opera, Safari,
Vivaldi, SRWare IRON, Torch Browser, Baidu Browser, Baidu Spark Security Browser, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Cent Browser, 360 Browser, K-Meleon, Tor Browser, Waterfox,
Epic Browser,
7 Star Browser, Yandex Browser, Avant Ultimate, Avant( IE engine) and
Slimjet x64
But I finally settled with Slimjet x64:) I will never ever leave it and has earned the honor of being my default browser :D

Why? because Slimjet x64 is fastest and the best one among all of them...(yes, even better than Google Chrome).
Slimjet x64 causes no problems at all and my work efficiency has definitely increased. I can keep tons of tabs open and it would never ever freeze or crash. Compatible to all Google Chrome extensions and in built awesome add-ons like Ad blocker, photo compression, pdf creator and plus it is very secure. When i started using Slimjet x64, I actually could spot the flaws in other browsers. Slimjet x64 is fastest, best and I can customize it according to my use.

- Lightening fast browser and in my tests, page rendering is alot faster than any other 27 Browsers.
- OMG! for the first time in my life, I can easily watched a number of Youtube videos without any single lagging
(even using bad internet connection).
- Fast (startup process as well as browsing).
- Does everything better than so called Big Browsers like Opera, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.
- Works well with Google Chrome extensions.
- Has a number of amazing built-in features like Download accelerator, easy Youtube video downloader.
- Works very very well with No crash, No freezing issue.
- No unnecessary options and can be easily customized.
- Integrated Ad Blocker.
- Secure and Private.

Nothing really. I have encountered 0 problems with Slimjet x64 yet.

Download It!
Slimjet Web Browser for Windows 64-bit Version

Lol man brilliant post... I too have done this thing and literally put everything on paper on behalf of me as well...
But just 1 thing I have preferred CENT BROWSER over Slimjet coz it can suspend unused tabs and saves me lots of resources also lazy loading... Is it available in Slimjet yet !! All in all good browser slimjet :)


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I find it rather surprising that chromium itself is not higher in the polls.
Is this the future of web browsers,just spin offs of an original browser.We must be becoming very lazy if we cannot create something new and refreshing instead of the usual routine of merely recoding already existing browser code.:D


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@Umbra OMG! What a great post you have made bro?! ;) your last post was amazing and was a great suggestion for me.
A month ago I have tried Google Chrome x64 but it was too slow for rendering pages and buggy as well as but now based
on your good suggestion I'm gonna download Google Chrome x64 but the Beta one to check the speed and latest features
from Google and I have a high hope :)
I'll admit now that your and my Google Chrome Beta x64 is the most secure and updated browser todate...

Appreciate your great help bro. Thank you very much.
You were a life saver for me :D


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@Umbra I'll do that bro, for sure ;) the last time I compared Google Chrome Stable x64 against Slimjet x64
but Slimjet x64 was alot faster than Google Chrome Stable x64. I think right now we have another story
since I found Google Chrome Beta x64 based on your good suggestion bro :)

My next comparison in browsers are:
Slimjet x64 vs. Google Chrome Beta x64 vs. Opera Beta

I am always using this little extension to measure page load time for different browsers...
Page load time
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@Umbra @Moose I have to put UC Browser into my comparison again to check the performance and stability in the latest version.
Thank you bro @Moose for reminding me again about UC Browser ;) and since it's based on Chromium engine so my next comparison in browsers are between 4 Chromium browsers :):
Slimjet x64 vs. Google Chrome Beta x64 vs. Opera Beta vs. UC Browser

This time's test gonna be more deeply than my previous tests because I will look at all the aspects of the above
4 Chromium browsers side by side :D.


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Guys, something very interesting :) I have a plan to test each one of the above 4 Chromium browsers to see which one is working
better for playing Youtube videos without lagging or pausing...

Last week, I made a test between Slimjet x64 and Vivaldi x64 (the latest snapshot). I have watched a video of 2:30 minutes.
I have seen 9 lagging or pausing on Vivaldi x64 till the end of the video while I have not seen even a single lagging or pausing
on my beautiful Slimjet x64 OMG

I have a high hope to see Google Chrome Beta x64 performing very well in my upcoming tests. Let's wait and see ;)

BTW, today another new version of Vivaldi Browser has been released :) and you can
download it from the official link below:
Vivaldi Web Browser Community - Snapshot 1.0.303.32 - Beta Candidate

Vivaldi Browser Team Blog statement...

"We are very close to moving on to the next quality level. Today's snapshot is not technically a beta but… we are very close!"

Vivaldi x64 performed very well in my previous tests and comparisons and this new Beta Candidate snapshot made me to put
it into my comparison again to check the performance and stability in the latest version :p

My next comparison in browsers are between 5 Chromium browsers :):D:
Slimjet x64
vs. Google Chrome Beta x64 vs. Opera Beta vs. UC Browser vs. Vivaldi x64 Beta Candidate snapshot
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@Umbra With my pleasure bro ;) I really appreciate everything you are doing for MT members via useful posts
and threads. I'm so proud of you ;) and I am confident that we are all together can give this great community so much.

I will be very close in touch with you bro and for sure Vivaldi is a new comer and a new player in the world of web browsers :D
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Guys, please note that I have added the official link for downloading Vivaldi Beta Candidate snapshot 1.0.303.32
and you can find it in Post #56 from the above ;)
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