Best Free Software's For New PC (Archive 2014-2018)

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Jul 2, 2014
I suggest anyone to use Parental Control & Web Filtering software. Keyloggers capture sensitive data, which is an invasion of anothers' privacy. In the wrong hands, this data can be used for criminal or malicious purposes.

Consideration for other PC users:
Your thread title: "Best Free Software's For New PC"

Along comes a visitor and installs the software on your lists (as recommended by yourself, @jackuars) and their AV is flagging this software. What makes you think it's a good idea to install a Keylogger for any purpose? How is a Keylogger used for a new computer user, on their New PC?

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The keylogger services would be used on your own PC to detect if someone else has been using your system and for what purpose. Not the other way around. But no problems anyway.

All the software's here arent meant to be installed just after someone re-installs their PC. It's not a Must-Have list. But only the ones they would like to have. :)

Edit: I have now deleted that category.
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May 25, 2015
Wow, that is one extensive list, great list.

I would point out that CC cleaner is excellent and it's registry cleaning is tame (good for new PC user). RevoUnistaller is great as well.

Malware protection:

Personally, I would not trust a Chinese malware protection company (ies). Recently, they were caught cheating on AV testing.

If you do finances, I recommend purchasing a internet security suite (Kaspersky is the best). BitDefender has been right there for the past 2 years or so at the top. Have Malwarebytes with a paid suite. AVG comparatives, AV Test, 3rd party independent test labs, see their results.

In the case of Kaspersky, they have a stellar reputation, around for so long, $1 billion dollar company. Kaspersky finds some of the best tools the NSA has to offer (Bios to firmware level malware that are essentially impossible to detect and eliminate).


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Jun 12, 2015
Well. What I cannot live without on new PC (system):

File manager: Total Commander (Double Commander as free alternative)
Archiver: WinRAR or 7z
Language switching: Arum Switcher
Other switching option + Diary (typing log): Punto Switcher
Uninstaller: Geek portable
Browser: K-Meleon
E-mail: Sylpheed
System monitoring and process guard: AnVir Task Manager

What do I use time to time:
Complex maintenance utilities: ToolWiz Care (why it was discontinued, JamesToolwiz?), SlimCleaner
Screenshoting and sharing: QipShot, 4SharedShot, Postimage

Multifunctional tool (launcher, virtual drive mounting, etc.) - Gizmo Central
ImageViewers: IrfanView, XnView, Nexus Image, Faststone ImageViewer
Remote management: Ammyy Admin
Portable app launcher: SyMenu
Audio Player: Apollo, XMPlay
Video Player: CherryPlayer
USB manager
: USB Disk Ejector
IM client: Trillian
PUP-cleaning: AdwCleaner, Ultra Adware Cleaner
DNS-switching: DNS Jumper (and number of other Sordum utilities)
HDD speed test: ParkDale
File copying: Unstoppable Copier
Download Manager: EagleGet
Font Manager: NexusFont
Burning media: Small CD-Writer (russian only)
Twitter clients: Azurea, Janetter
Batch Image ops: FastStone Image Resizer, XnConvert
Shutdown manager: WinExit, PowrPanel, PowerClick
Defragmentation: MyDefrag + MyDefrag PowerGUI
DTP: Scribus
Office: OOOlight, SoftMaker Free Office
Text editors: Mark, AkelPad, Notetab Light, Atlantis Word Processor
Multiboot USB creation: SARDU, YUMI, Multibootusb
Malware scanning: AVZ, DrWeb Cureit!


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Jan 9, 2013
AV: Qihoo 360 TS
Utility: CCleaner
Assorted: Suite
Graphic Viewer/Editor: Picasa
Text Editor: Notepad ++
Burner: DeepBurner Free
Cloning: DriveImage XML
Archiver: 7zip
Alternative Explorer: Q-Dir, A43
Defrag: MyDefrag, Auslogic Disk Defrag
Browser: Firefox
IM: Pidgin
Download Manager: FDM
Video Downloader: YTD
Music Player: XMPlay
Video Player: GOM
Font Manager: Font Frenzy


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Nov 8, 2014
Download manager for firefox: DTA(DownThemAll!)
Multi Boot USB creation tool: SARDU, YUMI.
Uninstaller: Bulk Crap Uninstaller
PDF: Foxit on windows.
Disk Burning: ImgBurn
Image Mounting tools: Imdisk


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Nov 27, 2013
here are a few I use:
cpu-z_1.75 portable
Double Driver 4.1.0 portable
LibreOffice Portable 5.1.1
Notepad++ 6.9 portable
O&O ShutUp10_portable
PeerBlock v1.2_r693_portable
Tixati 2.34 Portable
Process Monitor v3.2_portable
ServiWin v1.65_portable
SSD Tool_portable
Textify 1.2 Portable
USBDeview [64bit]portable
VLC portable
W10Privacy v.
UltraSearch 2.0-x64 Portable
BlueScreenView 1.55 [64bit]portable
Easy2Boot USB
Core Temp


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Jul 6, 2016
I don't get what you mean by that? Every software in this thread has a free version which is why I listed here.

Sorry My friend But that is not true

I went though all of them your List

there is maybe 6 or 7 free every thing else is not free
MUST register and pay

Any way I dont mean to disappoint you

My replay was to Andytay70

as it is the same topic we are talking about
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Jul 2, 2014
Sorry My friend But that is not true

I went though all of them your List

there is maybe 6 or 7 free every thing else is not free
MUST register and pay

Any way I dont mean to disappoint you

My replay was to Andytay70

as it is the same topic we are talking about

Give me one example of a software that doesn't have a free version in my list, and I'll make sure I can help you see the point, because I didn't have to pay a dime using any software here.
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Jan 26, 2015
some freeware addition for your music collection :)

"FairStars CD Ripper is a free powerful software for ripping audio CD tracks to WMA, MP3, OGG, VQF, FLAC, APE and WAV formats files on-the-fly."
> FairStars Soft - FairStars CD Ripper

"TagScanner is a powerful tool for organizing and managing your music collection. It can edit tags of most modern audio formats, supports ID3v1/v2, Vorbis comments, APEv2, WMA and MP4(iTunes) tags."


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Oct 20, 2014
Nice selection here and great idea, I been here many times before checking for new softwares, but I find myself using OTHER free software in some of the catagories. :\ There's so much windows software but so little time.

Here's a few grey areas that I could question, added some of my imput on.

I'd choose Comodo over Qihoo (CF firewall included with sandbox etc) but Qihoo does have the multi engines tho', so its a close race.

Tune-up Suite:
Wise Care 365 free is a MUST, not Glarys as Glarys doesn't make sense in some of its tools, never optimized any difference and the registry cleaner is risky on it, I should test the functions again sometime.

Adblocker: Ublock Origin and Adguard I use both, I find these two best, but what is Adfender?

Media Player: For media I have VLC player. I never heard of Potplayer btw (Potplayers site is down)

Music Manager: Winamp (yeah, I know the llama is frozen in time)

Disk Defrag: I go to Auslogics Disk Defrag (way faster and effective then Defraggler) Defraggler hasnt been updated in a WHILE, but Defraggler does have lots of bells n' whistles on it, the defrag part isnt that good though! :eek:

Registry Cleaner: Also if I wanted Registry Cleaning I go for Auslogics Registry Cleaner it has a great backup feature and it is more like a FULL cleaner. Wise Care 365 already has the registry cleaner its just a simple sweep (like a less safe CCleaner) and its REALLY slow these days. I don't recommend any registry cleaner though, and haven't use one in a half year.

PDF Reader: Sumatra rocks but I haven't used Foxit before.

Disk Partitioning: Is AOMEI the best free partitioner and Imaging? what about Macrium and Gparted?

New find for me,
System Booster: Process Lasso free (process optimizer)
Turbo Download Manager addon: replaced Eagleget

The changes above are the BEST or most efficient products to use IMO, not best for everyones tastes however.
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