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Only free software in this thread, not trials :D
He's the marketing manager for TunesKit.
I've reported his comment as spam.


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I tried Cyberduck but it was slow on on PC. Back to WinSCP as FTP Client.
LibreOffice is a good alternative to Microsoft Office.
XDM was buggy in the past, request you to try the latest version, it's much better. Also there is no comparison for the video download feature between XDM & FDM as XDM allows support for more websites and is only matched by maybe Eagleget or IDM.
I am using the latest XDM 2020 version and i think it is perfect competitor for IDM.


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For me best important
ANYDESK(free) better like TW for money
REVO uninstaller
qbitorrent, in last days i have still problems with running, still crashing :(

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This is just my thinking. A lot of stuff listed mainly can be done by default Windows. Some stuff just isn't needed either IMO. Feel free to discuss :)


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Is eM Client better than MailBird? Is it lighter?
It is feature-some and better than Mailbird. The only limitation of free version of eMClient is 2 accounts/person. I'm trying to find a suitable alternative with this limitation, but nothing has come close to it.


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actually i think nobody use tixati because we never heard this before :unsure: in 2020 from now on qbittorrent i know its my fave torrent client im not force you to anyway
I first came across this software when it was featured as top pick at Best Free BitTorrent Client. Have tried both qBittorrent & Tixati, and the advanced scheduler of Tixati is the major reason why I stick with it, as I need to set each torrent file to run at specified times during the day depending on the sizes. I couldn't find this feature in qBittorrent. Also speed-wise I found Tixati to take the edge.