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best Internet security with good privacy and security

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  1. Microsoft Windows

ForgottenSeer 109138

I chose others to help concentrate them all in a general category as I break this title down for you.

1. Best

The best security will be the one "Best" for you, meaning fits your needs, uses, and system requirements.

2. Privacy

This part is actually an illusion. There is no such thing in the Internet.

Making purchases lets say, from your bank card, your bank sees what you bought, your ISP sees where you are shopping and what you are looking at, the website you purchase from views what you are looking at and buying and the ad companies embedded in the searches will as well. Even your security will see what you are searching as it analyzes your traffic.

To be honest this is no different then going into public to a store, where your neighbors see what you are putting into your cart, the cashier sees what you have chosen and again your banks or credit companies see what you purchased.

Privacy is a matter of divulging. Be picky about that latter part and use good judgement.

Speaking of good judgement, apply this to the best security as well, learn good habits so as to not have to rely on the security as much.

Zero Knowledge

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Dec 2, 2016
ESET or Kaspersky. Both offer great protection and have various suites/tiers depending on what features you need. Then Norton & MBAM coming in as second best. MD is also fine with some tweaking or hardening. Just look at various AV tests there is very little separating most AV's now, they are 1% or 2% difference in protection scores. As Windows/Android has gotten better at security it's not too stressful picking the one that suites you. it's basically about extra's now that separates vendors, do you need Vpn? Do you need cleaner? Do you need password manager?

You can have fancy A.I/ML/Behavior Blocker/Anti-Exploit and there are vendors which sell these but most people don't need that level of protection. Just pick the cheapest license/vendor you can find. For cheap license Kaspersky/Norton are kings of discount licenses.
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Jonny Quest

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Mar 2, 2023
The Vpn cost extra money
I thought about that one too, but Bot probably got confused with the complementary 200 MB a day VPN that comes with the AV Plus on up, then the Unlimited version that comes with the All In One plans :) Otherwise, you're right, the Premium unlimited version will cost you extra $$

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