Another lightning fast alternative would be Baidu browser. It's like 200 mb lighter in terms of program weight in comparison to Chrome, maintains the same sleak, clean look, built-in security engine, etc. It's clear that they gutted a lot of meat out of Chrome, I'm just not too sure at what risk to the browsers security apparatus. Still, worth checking out if you like to experiment with browsers.


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I used to use Slimjet in the past, but since there is a problem with Slimjet and EagleGet as the latter extension cannot be enabled in Slimjet, because of a Slimjet bug , I reverted to Chrome. This is saddening because I really liked Slimjet and I dont have this problem with any other Chromium based browser.

This is the message I always get, no matter how many times I uninstall, clean-install, re-install.