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so it is clear that MT loads lot of stuff when you log in.
MT keeps bugging about linking config, even-though it already is, and also notifications.


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Last time i checked firefox forces you to use Cloudflare DNS. So when you activate VPN and use DoH on firefox, firefox keep using Cloudflare and ignores your VPN DNS server
Yes they're going to make DoH default for US users at least for now and they use Cloudflare by default. Cloudflare and Mozilla have a separate agreement on privacy policy: Cloudflare Resolver for Firefox - Cloudflare Resolver
Anyway users can use another provider or turn off DoH completely.


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Guys, someone can update me about Ghostery? Last time i checked, Ghostery was not been recomended because of some privacy concerns about the data they collect and how they use them. It seems to be a legit concern as Ghostery seens to be a private company (isn't?), differently from Privacy Badger (from UFF) and ublock origin from Raymond.

I'm curious cause it seems that ghostery is doing a better job than the other 2 i mentioned.

Ty for the help!


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@Lenny_Linux sup!

Hey, i was wondering, wich types of trackers do you block with ghostery. I know Ghostery let just a few enabled by default, but i'd like to know if you activate any other and if you experienced any problem breaking sites after that.
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See pictures, when Ghostery blocks to much: enable SMART BLOCKING. When smart blocking allows to much switch to the updated Privacy badger :) (a comparison is a snap shot in time, when one of the programs publish a major update,it probably impacts the results, I am running Privacy Badger on Edge-chromium, Edge-chromium tracking protection on balanced).


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