Which Browser do you use most often and feel secure?

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I have used FF in Windows 10 for years until I read some articles that favor Chrome more for speed and security, so I switched about a year ago.

What do you think of the latest FF build?

I know there are clones of these browsers but it has been said that these aren't patched as frequently as the originals.

Which do you think is better at mitigating or preventing browser exploits, and why?

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No browser can compare to Google Chrome in term of security, that is a fact.
why? because Google has the money for bug bounty; so flaws are discovered and fixed asap.
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I tend to change my my mind often, using chromium alternatives and firefox + forks. Right now im using centbrowser

If i would have to choice most secure browser it would be google chrome, i just dont like it because you cant disable history tracking + clear all in exit without browser extensions. This is why i vote for firefox now

I use chrome only for log-in with bank account on few sites, but for networking i use anything else
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Chrome is a few steps ahead in Security
Chrome Security
Meet Google's 'Security Princess', The Reason You Feel Safe Browsing The Web On Google Chrome.

Firefox is a few steps ahead in Privacy.
Private Browser with extra tracking protection | Download Firefox
Mozilla - Mozilla Is Working on a Chrome-Like "Site Isolation" Feature for Firefox

The answers you'll receive are 50:50, leaving you undecided. Both are great, use whichever you prefer or both (who going to say you can't?).

The only browsers to avoid are unsupported or discontinued browser, for example, Internet Explorer and Safari for Windows.


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Security wise Chrome has its edge no doubt about it. I too was a long term Chrome user and switched to Firefox when they released Quantum iteration. I always felt unease of using Chrome, a browser built by the worlds largest advertisement company. If Chrome was built by a small local advertisement company how many people actually bother to use their browser ? Even though Firefox is not a super privacy browser by any metrics it is certainly better than Google browser with slightly less security, in other words Firefox privacy/security is more balanced than Google browser.
Based on experienced, Google Chrome is the fastest and secure web browser to use and it is also regarded as the best secure browser for 2018. Besides, Chrome is designed for Security while Firefox is designed for Privacy. So, my best suggestion in terms of secure browsing is Google Chrome.


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How to look at it.

Chrome: Security driven. Updates flaws, general Chrome settings, bugs & exploits quicker.
Firefox: More privacy driven & more customisable, forks like FF Quantum are also faster.

Comes down to personal preference on what you wish to use.

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I use Chrome because is faster in youtube, not because is more secure than Firefox lol :D
don't worry guys, i know that's not right :cry:
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