Level 5
i register for beta by email but subscription ends of the email

when i install they need to renew

so any thing to solve this


Level 4
while i was watching review of bitdefender 2018 beta i watched this option which does not apper in my 2018 beta product can someone explain please?
because of your post i was wondering if it was a new thing for bitdefender 2018, or if bitdefender 2017 also had this setting/feature
so i looked, and bitdefender 2017 also has this setting/feature in general settings :)
i am using windows 10 home 64bit
Are you sure you've updated the product to 2018 ?
And if so.. did you restart the computer ?
looks like its not just 2018 version, 2017 version also has this now
but i'm not sure if a recent update added this feature/option recently to 2017 version, or if it was there all along o_O
Aside from the above questions, are you using Windows 10?
I think that option is for AntiMalware Scan Interface (AMSI) present in Windows 10. But, of course, this is just a guess. That's why I'm asking whether you're using Windows 10 or not. :)
i didn't even know about this AMSI thing for windows 10 lol but from your link, it sounds like its a good option to have enabled thx :)


Level 2
Anyone tested it?
Is it really better than 2017?
How light is it?
I've been using it for a while , currently on a 5 year old desktop with windows 10 education 64bit .. I have no issues with it , and I find it to be light on my system , I'm using it in combination with Heimdal Pro.
I've been looking all over the web for tests but I haven't found any !
I hope someone would step up and test it in the hub instead of the 2017 version.
I have high hopes for it , I think it's really gonna outperform the previous version.