Update Bitdefender Beta 2020


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Jan 27, 2019
Got accepted last year for the 2019 version, but regret it later since didn't have much time to participate at some point, and actually didn't like it, since they ended BETA with still left plenty of discovered bugs and made release public. At the end they even gave out money prizes over 100$ worth for those who provided the most feedback, but you have to be able to do it regularly, like everyday and it sort of becomes a small online "job" for that given BETA test period, so you somewhat have to be serious about it. Participiants taken are usually other IT managers and those with background software/coding knowledge, so if you decide to apply, make sure you write correct and detailed info about your experience, you won't get in by just saying you can run various software in virtual machine and use a VPN. :)
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May 25, 2019
I mostly disagree with you. I am one of the people that won the amazon $100 gift card for the 2019 beta program and unlike what you may assume I don't have a background close to what you may think they wanted.

I am a student whose experience in the industry and IT is nothing compared to those mentioned.
All experience I have is a bit of programming and helping others on forums with system performance and crashes which I haven't been doing for long.

Once I got in the program most of what I did was report issues with the VPN the first couple of days. Those were pretty much all issues I could find the entire time though. Others were some compliments, because I like the UI, and some UI improvements. The rest of the time I filled by learning all the options the software has, and talk with others. All that did not require me to be active each single day, there were actually days where I didn't report anything.
In the end there may have been some bugs, but I wasn't even able to replicate any bugs others reported during the program.

You should not see it as a job, rather as something you want to do so others gain from it. If you see it as a job you may as well not participate, even if you're in for the prices. It won't gain you as much as those who do it for fun.