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2 NEW Features added to Bitdefender BOX for better home security!

NEW: Vulnerability Assessment

With the new Vulnerability Assessment technology, BOX scans your entire home network to identify any weak spots that can compromise its security.

How Does Vulnerability Assessment Work?
  1. BOX scans your network and identifies all vulnerabilities in connected devices and network equipment that can lead to remote, unauthorized access, data theft or malicious attacks.
  2. The BOX mobile app informs you about potential weak spots and offers recommendations for promptly fixing any security issues.
NEW: Active Threat Control

BOX incorporates Bitdefender’s award-winning protection technologies such as Active Threat Control to block any incoming attacks.

For each attempt blocked, BOX will send you an app notification to report on the nature of the threat.

Bitdefender Active Threat Control has been designed to act against never-before-seen threats. It uses machine learning and behavior-based threat analysis to tag suspicious activities and keep your devices safe.​

Find out more: Click here for Bitdefender BOX FAQ

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hjlbx is right, for the standard home user this is not needed, networked homes on the other hand would "need" this.
They have any videos yet on this ? I have been following the buzz around this for maybe a year now but have not run
into any video tutorials yet.


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I like the AVC feature of Bitdefender, one of the important trademarks.

Of course the thing goes here is the way of advertising and issues that should fix in timely manner.