Bitdefender Free 2019 or McAfee Internet Security 2019?

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Mahesh Sudula

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Mc afee relies on signatures ..that's it ! It is not recommended suite in my opinion
BD Free is much better, reliable , stronger than Mc Afee.
Real protect doesn't work, if a signature is not available then system is hijacked .
Mc Afee is a poisonous malware in my opinion..installing it = Infecting the system for Free.
Rest left to You


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I would go with McAfee IS. Compared to Bitdefender Free, it is a complete product and more effective. The real comparison would be Mcafee IS vs Bitdefender IS.

You don't choose a product simply because ''McAfee IS is this and Bitdefender Free is lets choose Bitdefender Free''
Compare the features, components and support given to you. And you take into consideration that ''FREE'' is not actually free. And Bitdefender doesn't offer you Prenium services for nothing.


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Bit Defender Free is a joke.. That thing throttled my internet down by 90%.

McAfee actually works sort of well, but the 9,200 processes it loads make me angry and it's links to US Intel make me run.
Come on @Slyguy :sneaky: What US security firm doesn't have links to the government? What Russian security firm doesn't have links to their government? What Chinese security product doesn't have links to the government?

Even if they are not directly implicated with intel agencies, companies such as Kaspersky, DrWeb, Mcafee, Norton and the likes are often use by the military to protect their infrastructures. So in some ways they deal with and have access to sensible information.

low L!fe

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Who said that BitDefender is better than McAfee
Go to the test sites (AV-TEST and AV-Comparatives )and see for yourself the results
You will see that all programs are equal in protection .

McAfee Internet Security better than Bitdefender Free
because it paid .

I dont believe in Antivirus Free such as Kaspersky Free , Bitdefender Free , Microsoft.
If you want to buy Internet Security go to
Norton Internet Security or Bitdefender Internet Security,Kaspersky Internet Security,McAfee Internet Security.
These programs are supported in Updates and features.
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Don't know about BD free but ... it is free.

McAfee was on my second pc (trial) when I bought it, I don't know how much they pay to be pre-installed on many new pcs.
BTW it seems quite good, at least according to various labs test, but the first thing I did was uninstall it through its specific tool.


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I dont believe in Antivirus Free such as Kaspersky Free , Bitdefender Free , Microsoft
The price on the price tag doesn't protect you. The actual price is how much you can do without. Example: Any Linux distribution.

For example, if you use Ubuntu, you have to do without some things, such as certain software (Microsoft Office or games). This abandonment and the use of a Linux distribution, however, leads to the fact that you suddenly no longer have to worry as much about security (actually not at all!) as with Windows.

Second example: Hard_Configurator. You accept that sometimes your software doesn't run the first time you try it. This happens very rarely, but is there. You pay with your time and have to whitelist this program first.

Does Hard_Configurator cost anything? - No!
Does Hard_Configurator protect you? Depending on which settings you choose, it protects you very well!
But you do without a bit of comfort - the price for this software.


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Neither of the two, there are thousands of antivirus much better, and to be well protected you do not need to undo even 1 cent, example of Kaspersky Free, ZoneAlarm Free, Avira Free, Panda Free and etc. Now you want top-of-the-line full and paid suites: G Data, KIS, F-Secure, Norton and ZoneAlarm Extreme Security :giggle: